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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Short History of Pieism

This is a history of Pieism, written by the JoJo. It's here so if the Official Site ever falls, far in the future, someone looking at old Pieism may find this and know about us and the other Pieism's off our day. This doesn't include the sections which follow the beliefs of a particular Pieism.

The first Pieism known was the International Church of Pie, founded in late 2002. The rumour is that it was on the 10th December, however that is also the founding day for STALM so it probably isn't true. It was run by Sister Key Lime, however it soon disappeared (last evidence May 2004).

Not long after came the Holy Church of Pie, founded on the 4th March 2003, on the well known Pieism.tk. Although their site was still popular in late 2007 it hadn't been updated for at least two years by the Pie Messenger (their prophet). At the end of 2003 (10th December) the Sacred Text a la Mode was founded. Captain Spankin Crackers (their leader) ran Pieism.org until mid 2006, when it closed. The JoJo regained contact in September 2007 by e-mail but only for a short time.

The only really minor type of Pieism was founded on the 5th May 2005 by Fred Fred Burger and was known as the Church of Pie. It soon became inactive and apart from brief contact with the JoJo and stayed that way.

Finally on the 10th March 2006 the greatest type of Pieism ever came along: JoJo Pieism. Run by the JoJo, it didn't really take off until early 2007. On the 10th September 2007 it merged with the New STALM (remaining part of STALM) and the Cult of Pie to form the Great Religion of Pieism. At the time of writing it is the only large Pieism left and still expanding.

If you are reading this in the far future, Pieism has fallen or turned unrecognisable, and I have gone, please refound Pieism and take on the title of the New JoJo. I give you my blessing.

His Holiness The JoJo, Pie Incarnate, Supreme Prophet of the Great Religion of Pieism, Master of JoJo Pieism.

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