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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Pieism: An Internet Religion?

Pieism is becoming more and more split between the Internet and the "Real" side of it. Both have their merits but both also have their differences...

Pieism: The Internet Religion:


  • Is expanding far faster than the "Real Pieism"
  • Would be much more likely to survive without the JoJo
  • Easier access to Pieist history and holy books


  • Most new members don't completely understand Pieism
  • This is because its much harder to communicate the complex bits in text
  • Can leave a biased or incomplete view of Pieism

Pieism: The Real Religion:


  • Most "Real" members have a good understanding of Pieism
  • Some "Real" members are very devoted
  • They have the advantage of having the "Real" JoJo with them


  • There are far less "Real" members and less opportunities to recruit
  • Some real members still don't truly understand Pieism
  • Without the JoJo it would probably die pretty quickly

I hope you could understand all that, the way I see it, Pieism is being divided in two. Both sides are connected by me, the JoJo. The "Real" Pieists understand Pieism better and are more devote, on the other hand, there are far more Internet Pieists but they seem to like the Pie more than the religion.

The whole point of Pieism is that it has a funny mythology and some hidden, more serious, moral pointers, it's not all about being obsessed with pie's. That's the problem with most Internet Pieists, they join because they love pie's, not because they appreciate Pieism as a whole.


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