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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Connor-Craig Pieism, a new form of Pieism!

I have found a new form of Pieism, Connor-Craig Pieism! This new Pieism unfortunately appears to be a very low form of Pieism, it consists of 13 commandments. Those and a game are the only things on the site. And a one line introduction to the site is full of mispellings and declare it to be "This is the First And only REAL Site Contaning all You need to now about pieism." There is no name for it on the site excluding Pieism, so I have named it "Connor-Craig Pieism", after its founder, James Connor Craig. Although I'm pleased about finding a new form of Pieism I am a little disappointed with the site's lack of infomation, no founding date, virtually no beliefs. And the 13 commandments it has are crap:

The 13 commandments (of Connor-Craig Pieism

  1. Eat Pie
  2. Worship James Connor Craig And pie
  3. You Cannot Be Called Steven Morris
  4. You cannot Be Called Kearin Ogg
  5. You must like Pie
  6. You must only Worship Pieism
  7. The 13 Commandments Must Have 13 commands otherwise the 13 commandments only
  8. have 12 or less commandments therefore there is not 13 commandments.
  9. Read above
  10. This must be the 9th commandment
  11. You must not believe in God, only pie
  12. you must not believe in the bible as it was probably made by some random teenager wanting to have some fun.
  13. This is the only Truly Holy Book

All content is © 2002-2003BC. All rights reserved."

This is from the pieble the True Holy Book

I have never ranted so much abuse at a form of Pieism but this takes the biscuit, it is pure and utter shit! It doesn't deserve to be a type of Pieism, all the other forms of Pieism, great or small, have atleast had some effort put into them. If you've read this post then you might not as well go on their site, I already told everything on it. Unless you want to play the crappy addin free game on page 2...

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