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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New Constitution for the Church of JoJo Pieism

Due to issues with the Constitution of the Union, I have draw up a Constitution for just the Churh of JoJo Pieism, which details the political rules of our Church. It deals with who has what power and it also details the succession of leadership. One of the new introductions are the Pie Lords, previously known as the High Pie Priests. They shall have independant power rather than being part of the followers. The new Constitution is below.

The Official Constitution of the Church of JoJo Pieism

I. This is the Official Constitution of the Church of JoJo Pieism. This has no direct legal effect on any other form of Pieism, except possibly in matters which involve the rest of the Great Religion of Pieism, also known as the Union.

II. To amend or repeal any part of this constitution, three of the four powers mentioned in section III must have a majority of support.

III. There are to be four legal powers in the Church of JoJo Pieism, the JoJo, the Bodyguard, the Pie Lords and the Followers. The power system will have to be changed if important individuals e.g. the JoJo, are unable to lead.

IV. The JoJo shall be the leader of JoJo Pieism and he shall propose and carry out the majority of moves, with the support of the other powers. The JoJo may carry out minor moves without the support of other powers.

V. The Bodyguard shall be the second in command of JoJo Pieism and he shall advise the JoJo. He will also be the primary successor to the leadership of the Church of JoJo and the Great Religion of Pieism; he shall only be skipped over if he is unable to lead.

VI. The Pie Lords are the former High Pie Priests, Josh, Oliver and Alex. Two out of three are needed to support or be against a move. They will be candidates for the succession of leadership if the Bodyguard is unable to succeed.

VII. The Followers are the other members of the JoJo Pieism. As it would be extremely hard to contact all of them, if the majority of the followers asked support or are against a move; that is the position taken.

VIII. If the JoJo becomes unable to lead, another Pieist shall take over the position of leadership. They will not inherit the position of JoJo, as that cannot be inherited. However, they may take on the title of New JoJo or Second JoJo etc. The Bodyguard shall be first in succession, then the Pie Lords.

IX. The new leader would hold the power that the JoJo does now. If the new leader was the Bodyguard, then he would surrender his power as 2nd in command and abolish it so there is only three powers, or if there was a Pieist of sufficient loyalty, they could take over 2nd in command. If the new leader was not the Bodyguard, then if the Bodyguard was able to hold his power as second in command he would, if not his power would be awarded to another important Pieist or abolished. Leadership could be shared between two or more Pieists.

X. If one of the Pie Lords is unable to represent themselves, a new Pie Lord will be elected, preferably one of the Pie Priests. There always must be three Pie Lords.

XI. None of the major or important beliefs of JoJo Pieism shall be changed in the future unless there is a majority amount of support from the followers. The JoJo shall always remain the primary prophet of JoJo Pieism and the Pie will always be the most important god. No more gods shall be added to the existing number and none shall be changed.

XII. The JoJo’s Book of Pie will remain the most important holy book of Pieism although it may be edited by Pieists of the future, as long as beliefs as not changed.

XIII. Any power should be able to withdraw their support from a move after they have given it, unless the move has already happened. All moves and changes can be amended or repealed.

XIV. The JoJo should be able to represent Pieism without needing request from other Pieists and he should be able to call emergency powers, in which he could make any move, even against the constitution, if he feels it necessary and he has the support of three of the four powers.

XV. Any moves or changes which are against this constitution are illegal and shall not officially happen. The constitution must be amended before such moves happen. To amend the constitution, three of the four powers must have majority support.

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