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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

One Month Until 10th March...

Just one month until the anniversity for 4 years of Pieism, I must confirm that although progress on the Pieism novel In Pie We Trust is going along at a good pace, it certainly won't be finished by that date, and it may not even be out until June or later; like many projects the further it progresses the longer it becomes. But do not fear, one day it will complete.


Christopher said...

I can't believe this is still going on! Coincidentally, most of the imagery from The Sacred Text a La Mode I wrote has been adopted by Steam Powered Giraffe in their bits, but other than that and the occasional eating of pie, I haven't seen much activity in the way of worship of pie. Good for you for sticking with it I guess!

The JoJo said...

Thanks Chris, I should have replied a long time ago to this comment but I didn't see it until well after the fact and then I took a break from the site for a while... anyway, three years later I don't know if you'll even see this but if it means anything I'm sorry for the antagonism that occurred between us back in 2007. I feel like a jerk for the way I acted back then and I just want you to know that I always thought the Sacred Text a la Mode Pieism was one of the most original and interesting sects out there, an inspiration to newer Pieists like myself. If you can ever get the information that was on Pieism.org back out on the net somehow, even on a freesite like mine, that would be awesome :-)

Anyway, Pie on I guess,