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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Updated Constitution for Pieism

It has come to my attention that the third Constitution of Pieism, brought into force on 1st January 2010, has never been amended despite subsequent revelations and so by this point in time is out-of-date in certain places. I hereby invoke my powers as JoJo to amend that text and grant the fourth Constitution of Pieism:

  1. By the grace of the almighty Pie, this is the official constitution of the Church of JoJo Pieism. The following constitution may only be amended by a majority of the followers of Pieism, or by the JoJo himself.
  2. While he is on Earth, the primary authority in Pieism shall be the JoJo himself. Upon his leaving, authority shall pass to the Bodyguard and then to the JoJo's designated heirs, who will be known as the King or Queen of Mars, along with the council of High Priests. 
  3. The followers of Pieism shall be taught by the Pie Priests, who will be appointed and trained by the High Priest of their diocese. High Priests will be elected by the majority of their flock from the Pie Priests, and hold that position for life, unless they choose to retire, or are deposed for gross misconduct by a council of their peers or by the majority of their flock. 
  4. The High Priests shall meet in a council, led by the King or Queen of Mars. This council may make pronouncements on doctrine, dioceses and appointments, by majority vote.
  5. The designated heir of the JoJo shall be his first born descendant, and their first born, and so on. If no descendants remain, those of his sister and then his brothers shall take their place, and there after his cousins and more distant relatives. If the designated heir is not a Pieist, the next in line will take his or her place. The heir may be deposed by the council of High Priests or by a majority of all followers for gross misconduct. 
  6. Any act in contradiction to this constitution shall be null and void.

Furthermore, any acts in the past few years which might be questionable under the old constitution are now reconfirmed as legitimate. Praise be with the Pie!

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