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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Insult from Pieism.org

This is a post made by Captain Spankin Crackers, the person who used to run Pieism.org on the Pie Patrol forums. Although this has just come to my attention it was made in June 2006, when JoJo Pieism was the smallest sect of Pieism on the net.

""""I swear by the Cake God himself, Holy-moley! Anyone else a bit annoyed by the many "sects" of Pieism?How many "sects" of Pieism can there be?! Oh look, there's another...the Bloopidy Bloo group who like to wear pie as hats...etc.Now I may not be a smart banana, but I think some people are just jumping on the Pieism bandwagon in hopes of creating a fad by making up crazy things and calling it things like "Jo Jo Pieism." I mean seriously... I can't even promote my website without people getting confused about what the heck it is we believe in.

The basic idea is that Pieists believe pie is a holy and magically delicious food... and that the world was created in the image of pie by the Pie God, in his wife, the Holy Oven.Right from the start Pieism was a polytheistic religion (belief in more than one God)...even though The Pie God is ruler of all. The mythology draws from Greek, Egyptian, and even Christian belief. Did you know we believe in Yulemas, the winter night when an undead Santa Clause comes down your chimeny to try and eat you? Those decorations you hang may seem like a trite tradition of Christianity, but in reality they all serve a purpose to ward off St. Nick.

But don't get me wrong brothers, sisters, and bakers...this Pie Patrol Forum is actually a decent community setup! A lot nicer than my slapped together message board. I'm not sure what the Pie Patrol founders specifically believe in, but if you guys want to spread the word of pie, I'm here to support you. Go to What is Pieism? to learn the specifics of how this whole thing started.
Yes, there have been many pie appreciators...the first "Pieism" website started a few years back, just a bit before me and a few friends started up our religion unknowingly. So PIESM.ORG showcases the second incarnation of Pieism...I've tried numerous times to contact the first original website's founders, but unfortunetly its deader than dead, and after talking to one of the guys behind the site, I can see they were never really...serious about doing anything with it.

Wikipedia deleted a nice entry of our religion someone threw together because users thought it was "stupid," and a "rip-off of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism." I started Pieism an entire year before FSM. And I was enlightened by an undead Pirate Captain about a Pie God...not a noodle monster... but that religion and our own do share common themes in religious satire...aherm (And FSM is pretty hilarious). Well, we've got to get the ball rolling and increase our numbers...there's a lot of people who like pie.""""

Thats it, I have several comments to make about this post.

1. This sentence was in the post: "Now I may not be a smart banana, but I think some people are just jumping on the Pieism bandwagon in hopes of creating a fad by making up crazy things and calling it things like "Jo Jo Pieism." "
Does the Captain realise how offensive that could be? It's saying that JoJo Pieism is just a crazy attempt to create a fad. Luckily I don't take offence easily, it interests me to see that Pieism.org was paying attention to us at that time. Plus i suppose that JoJo Pieism didn't even have a website then so it may well have seemed like some stupid fad. But anyway I have decided to forgive the Captain but I warn him he shouldn't make offensive comments so lightly.

2. The Captain mentioned he was fed up of there being so many sects, well aren't we all? But there's only one thing we can do about it, merge all Pieism sects into one great one! Then we would be unstoppable. But we need to take it one step at a time. I will mention my idea in later post so watch out for it!

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