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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The Fall of Pieism.org

A couple of months ago something completely unexpected happened. One day Pieism.org was up and running, the largest Pieism site the net had ever seen. The next it was gone, finished, unrenewed. It seems it was cancelled because the payment time for it had ran out and two months on it still has yet to be renewed. It looks like Pieism.org is to be just another chapter in the history of Pieism. I can understand that the owner of Pieism.org wouldn't want to pay again if they had gone off the subject but if this is you reading this Capt. Spankin I ask you to make a .tk version of your site on freewebs like JoJo Pieism and the Holy Church of Pie have. Other the sect of which Pieism.org was part of will fade and maybe in a couple of years time new Pieists will wonder what Pieism.org was and why it fell. The Sacred Text ala Mode will become just a legend with only the people from the early days of Pieism will know what it really was and what it represented. I really hope it doesn't come to that.

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