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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Alliance with New STALM + Cult of Pie

Me, the New Sacred Text a la Mode and the Cult of Pie have signed a treaty to protect each other, the details are below:

i. All signatories will protect the existence of all other sects in the agreement.

ii. All signatories will accept the "aspects theory", focusing on ALL sects are right.

iii. All signatories will help resuscitate "dead" sects and try to find new leaders or members to preserve it's existence.

iv. All signatories will keep alive the memory of a dead sect if the sect can not be brought back.

Signed by"His Holiness The JoJo, Pie Incarnate, Master and Founder of JoJo Pieism, Member of the Council of Pie" for JoJo Pieism

"Pie Master, Captain and Re-Founder of the New Sacred Text a la Mode, Claimant on TAUOP, Member of the Council of Pie" for the New Sacred Text a la Mode.

"High Druid of the Cult of Pie and Member of the Council of Pie" for the Cult of Pie.

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