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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

New Separate Religion of Pieism

A great success in Pieism has been reached today, the separation has happened! Since most Pieism sites are defunct me, Capt. Pie Master and High Druid have separated ourselves into a new Pieist religion, the Great Religion of Pieism. The Federation's purposes are now absorbed into this new, more compact organisation. As far as we're concerned the sects no longer exist, the new age of Pieism can begin. All GR Pieist "Churches" follow the JoJo and his teachings plus GR Pieism is also a continuation of JoJo Pieism meaning it can claim its roots to March 2006. JoJo Pieism will still exist but only as the largest part of the Great Religion of Pieism!

note: This means we are no longer part of the same religion as the following groups:
  • The Original Sacred Text a la Mode
  • The International Church of Pie
  • The Holy Church of Pie
  • The Amigos Union of Pie
  • The Church of Pie

Thanks to Captain Spankin Crackers for inspiring me to take this move, we will always be grateful to you.

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