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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Age system for Pieist history

I have thought of an idea of how to divide up Pieist history. It could be divided up into two ages which would follow as below:

The First Age: The Age of the Sects: 2002 to 2006/7

The Age when the sects dominated Pieism

The Second Age: The Age of the JoJo: 2006/7 to present day

The Age when the JoJo and the Union dominated Pieism

More ages could be added in the future! I like to imagine that one day in the future, long after I have left Pieism, there will be Pieists who look back at this time as anicent history. They could use this system with a third age at the end, their age. Any amount of ages could exist!

A main problem I have, however, is that I can't decide when the First Age ended and the Second Age started. I have three possible dates.

10th March 2006 : The founding day of modern (JoJo) Pieism
1st February 2007 : The fall of the Sacred Text a la Mode, last of the anicent sects
10th September 2007 : The founding of the Union, modern Pieism takes its nowdays form

I will put about this on my planned site: "Pieism: The History"

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