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Thursday, 14 February 2008

New STALM now called New Followers of Holy Pie

After an insulting post by anicent sect leader Captain Spankin Crackers the "New Followers of the Sacred Text a la Mode" have changed their name to the "New Followers of the Holy Pie". Captain Pie Master claims he can no longer be considered a follower of Captain Spankin (although they will technically still follow the Sacred Text a la Mode holy book they will play the whole thing down). The argument seems to have stemmed from a mistake made by the older Captain who misinterpted the Sacred Text a la Pie Master, a minor text describing the combo beliefs of the New Followers, as a replacement for the Sacred Text a la Mode. I'm going to try to contact Captain Spankin Crackers and get him to see his mistake, and also try to make peace between our Pieism's. Despite our similarites there has been much bad blood between us.

Happy Valentines People!

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