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Friday, 8 February 2008

The Sacred Rubber has split!

Yesterday, just a day after the making of the Constition of the Union, the Sacred Rubber split. For those who don't know, the Sacred Rubber is one of the most important holy relics in Pieism. I obtained it three years before Pieism was founded, it partially inspired Pieism itself and at the time of the founding, the rubber was damaged. Now, almost two years later, the rubber has split, according to legend when the rubber is destroyed, the great battle between the Pie and the Anti Pie will begin. Is it coinsidence that this happened just after the making of the Consitiution. Ithink not. Maybe the Constitiom is more important than I thought. But don't fear Pieists, for I will put all my efforts into restoring the rubber into one piece. The Sacred Rubber has had a long history, it won't end now!

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