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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Union is Saved!

Me and the High Druid reached a landmark agreement today concerning the Union. Over the last week, an argument so intense it almost destroyed Pieism happened between us. However now we have reached a compromise, the Constitution of the Union! It ensures I have a lot of power but also respects the rights of the Minor Churches. There's not much that's really new in the Constitution, it's just making a whole load of ideas official.

The Constitution of the Great Religion of Pieism (The Union)

  • The JoJo is allowed to make any decision as long as it only affects the Church of JoJo Pieism.
  • The JoJo is allowed to make not so important decisions for the whole of the Great Religion of Pieism.
  • For a more important decision the JoJo must notify, preferably by e-mail, all the Minor Church leaders.
  • If over 70% of the Minor Church leaders actively disagree, the Bodyguard and the members of the Church of JoJo Pieism must take a vote. If both agree with the JoJo, the Minor Church leaders can be overidden, if both disagree with the JoJo, he must drop the idea. If the two disagree with each other, nothing can happen until oe goes either way.
  • The Minor Church leaders can make any decision affecting their own Church only.
  • The Great Religion of Pieism recognises the JoJo as the main leader of Pieism and the Church of JoJo Pieism as the mainstream Church.
  • Any Church may withdraw from the Great Religion of Pieism at anytime.
  • If JoJo becomes unable to continue his leadership, the primary candidate for leadership will be the Bodyguard. If the Bodyguard is unable to take up leadership, or he does and then later becomes unable to continue his leadership, the Great Religion of Pieism must decide whether to vote a new leader, or not have a leader. It is advised that if the Church of JoJo Pieism still has a leader, he or she shall take over.
  • If a leader of suiable strength emerges, he or she may take on the title of the New JoJo, due to Pieist belief that the JoJo will be reincarnated in many forms after he goes. However the New JoJo will be less important than the original.

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