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Monday, 10 March 2008

The 10th March, Two Years of Pieism!

Today is the 10th March, two years since the founding of Pieism. It's amazing whats happened in the last year, a year ago there was just two (JoJo) Pieism sites, the Official Site hadn't even been made yet.

This Pieist Years Event:

  • 15th March: "Pieism: The Official Site" is created as "JoJo Pieism.tk"
  • 17th April: JoJo Pieism Blog converted into site for Pieist news
  • 25th April: First ideas for a Pieist Union
  • 26th May: Pieism wiki article under goes major update
  • 4th June: New Followers (of STALM), future church, is founded
  • 8th June: Council of Pie founded between JoJo Pieism and New Followers
  • 16th July: Cult of Pie, future church, is founded and joins Council of Pie1st August: Alliance between JoJo Pieism, New Followers and Cult of Pie
  • 10th September: Union between JoJo Pieism, New Followers and Cult of Pie as "Federation of Pie"
  • 16th October: Union is reformed, name changed to "Great Religion of Pieism"
  • 21st November: Holy Texts of Pieism reformed
  • 19th December: Idea of "Ex-08" is created, path for 2008 is laid.
  • 10th January: First part of Ex-08, "Pieism: The Sacred Texts", is completed
  • 3rd to 6th February: The "Rebellion", the Union comes close to destruction but is saved by a new idea, the "Constitution of Pieism".
  • 21st February: The new "Sacred Scrolls of Pieist Wisdom" are made, based on one of the oldest ideas in Pieism.
  • 4th March: The Church of JoJo Pieism reachs 25 members, Internet joining is at an all time high.

The 2nd year of Pieism was truly a great year, lets hope the 3rd year will be even greater. I think that Ex-08 will continue to expand Pieism for another few months, even if the sites become less active I'm sure membership will continue to increase and Pieism will become even greater.

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