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Sunday, 16 March 2008

JoJo Pieism Independence Party?

Today I was informed about a new site, "JoJo Pieism Independence Party". They are run by a long time JoJo Pieist, Yuan, and are apparentally five members of the Church of JoJo Pieism who wish for the Union of Pieism to come to an end. While I disagree with their view, I will certainally not comdemm their site as I like to hear the opinions of my followers. I will tell them this, get over half the members of the Church of JoJo Pieism to support independence and I will consider it properly. For the mean time it's interesting to note this is the first true fan site for Pieism, there may be more. Maybe with a bit of motivation some followers will a make a blog supporting the Union, then we would have two opposing sides.

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