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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

New Version of the Book of Pie?

Yet another project has started, I am now working on the JoJo's Book of Pie, Version 3.0. This new holy book is actually based on the very first (but incomplete) Book of Pie. This is as I feel the current version lacks detail, especially in the main part, the Book of the JoJo. The 2.0 version (which is very similar to the current 2.4 version) was made late in 2007, when Pieism was more based around the Internet. Now, as my attuide is changing, I have decided that Pieism needs a proper, lasting holy book, which can be an authoritive guide on all to do with the Holy Pie.

The Current Projects in Pieism are:

  • The JoJo's Book of Pie 3.0
  • "Pieism: The Holy Gods" site
  • A Pieism Forum

Hopefully these projects will soon be finished!

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