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Monday, 13 April 2009

One Church for One Religion Idea

Me and the other leaders of Churches of the Union of Pieism have decided it is time to reform the Church system, namely by merging both the minor churches "New Followers of the Holy Pie" and "Cult of Pie" into the larger and mainstream "Church of JoJo Pieism". This is planned for the 16th April, i.e. New Life Day, when both the sites of the minor churches will shut down. As for the Church of Turtleism, we have mutually decided that our beliefs are too different and therefore on the 16th April they will leave the Great Religion of Pieism. This should make Pieism simipler and more efficient.

The other plan is amend the current Constitution of the Church of JoJo Pieism and make it the new Constitution of the Great Religion of Pieism, we hope to have this complete by the 16th April but it could take longer...

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