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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Church's Merge and New Constitution

Today both the New Followers and the Cult of Pie merged into the Church of JoJo Pieism, ending a process of unification that started over a year and a half ago in Sept. 2007! Now that Pieism is finally completely united, we can continue on our journey of following the ways of the Pie! Also, we have now adopted a new Constitution of Pieism, which is vast improvement on the previous version, read it below:

The New Constitution of Pieism

I. This is the Official Constitution of the Great Religion of Pieism and the Church of JoJo Pieism. This has no effect on any other form of Pieism.

II. To add to, amend or repeal any part of this constitution, either the JoJo’s permission must be had, or there must be a majority of support from the followers.

III. There are to be originally five legal powers in Pieism, the JoJo, the Bodyguard, the Pie Lords, the Pie Priests and the Followers. Eventually only the Pie Priests and the Followers will remain.

IV. The JoJo shall be the practical leader of Pieism while he is on Earth. He shall propose and carry out the majority of moves, usually with the support of the other powers. The JoJo will listen to the followers and will not make moves which are deeply against the general follower’s opinion.

V. The Bodyguard shall be the second in command of Pieism and he shall advise the JoJo. He will also be the only successor to the leadership of the Great Religion of Pieism; he shall only not become leader if he is unable to lead.

VI. The Pie Lords are the three most important disciples, Josh, Oliver and Alex. They will help represent the followers of Pieism.

VII. The Pie Priest’s are followers who have learnt much about Pieism, and are dedicating themselves to the Pie. It is their job to set an example to other followers, and to teach both followers and non-followers about the ways of the Pie.

VIII. The Followers (or Pieists) are the regular members of the Pieism. They should try as hard as possible to be as the Pie wants them. They must advise the higher ranks but also accept that usually the higher ranks have better judgement.

IX. If the JoJo becomes unable to lead, the Bodyguard shall take over the position of leadership. He will not inherit the position of JoJo, as that cannot be inherited. After the Bodyguard there will be no more human leaders of Pieism, for the words of the JoJo are all the leadership the Pieists will need.

X. If either the Bodyguard or one of the Pie Lords is unable to represent themselves, then no one shall inherit their positions.

XI. None of the major or important beliefs of Pieism shall be changed in the future. The JoJo shall always remain the one supreme prophet of Pieism and the Pie will always be the supreme god. No more gods shall be added to the existing number and none shall be changed or removed.

XII. The JoJo’s Book of Pie will remain the most important holy book of Pieism; it may be translated by Pieists of the future, as long as beliefs or ideas are not changed.

XIII. The JoJo should be able to represent Pieism without needing to consult other Pieists and he should be able to call emergency powers, in which he could make any move, even against the constitution, in an emergency in which Pieism, its followers, or something it stands for is under a clear, present and immediate danger.

XIV. Any moves or changes which are against this constitution are illegal and shall not officially happen. The constitution must be amended before such moves happen. To amend the constitution, either the support of the JoJo or the majority support of followers is required.

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