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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Pieism Song?

Here's a song, the Call by Regina Spektor, I found which could well have relevance to Pieism:


Relevance includes:

"Started out as a feeling, then grew into a hope, ... then grew louder," = reference to Pieism becoming stronger and stronger?

"Battle cry" = reference to the battles mentioned in Pieism lore?

"I'll / You'll come back" = reference to the JoJo comeing back?

"Everythings changing" = reference to Pieism expanding in beliefs?

"Know who your friends are as you head off to the war" = reference to knowing who you are fighting the Pie's war against (the Anti Pie), or the friendship between humans and Black Lobsters?

"Pick a star on the dark horizon, follow the light" = reference to following the Pie, despite the darkness in the Universe, and looking up into Space for the Pie?

"No need to say goodbye" = reference to the JoJo always being with you

"Now we're back to the beginning" = reference to the JoJo returning to create the Pie at the beginning of time?

"But just because they can't feel it too doesn't mean you have to forget" = reference to being fair and just towards non-Pieists?

"Let your memories grew stronger and stronger, until they are before your eyes" = reference to not forgeting about the JoJo and his holy word?

"You'll come back when they call you" = reference to the JoJo coming back when he is needed?

A true song of Pieism?

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