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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Pieism is not a new religion

It is a common refrain, even in official Pieist publications, to say Pieism was founded on 10th March 2006. This is not strictly true, however. The Church of JoJo Pieism was founded on that date, but the religion itself had already been practised on Mars for millennia before that. Very little is known about this mysterious twin of our own earthly sect, usually known as the Church of Mars. What is clear from scripture though is that the Pieist faith was even spread to Earth in medieval times, though it appears to not have survived to our modern era. Perhaps the rituals of the red planet were too arcane to be readily understood by us Earthlings.

This leads me onto the next declaration. While the Church of JoJo Pieism is one and indivisible, from now any Pieist may set up their own holy order within the church, provided it follows the core beliefs of Pieism. Orders are free to determine their own structure and membership requirements, though official recognition may be withdrawn if an order is judged to be abusing that freedom.

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