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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Remade Pieism Wiki Article

A week ago I rewrote the Pieism article on Sratch Pad Wiki's and Uncyclopedia. Why? Because those articles were dreadful. Really. The problem was that when the oringinal person wrote the page he or she just made it about two of the Pieism sects! After the other sects put in their info the page became very disorganised and parts of it didn't make sense. Plus it didn't even contain the Amigos Union of Pie and the International Church of Pie. So I rewrote with new info, all known sects are included and it's back to the standard it was before. And please, if you want to change the article to have more infomation about your own sect write it in so it makes sense and don't just add in lines anyway, thats why the article was in such a bad state before.

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