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Monday, 4 June 2007

Sacred Text a la Mode is back!

Months after Captain S. Crackers left Pieism and after it seemed Sacred Text a la Mode (STALM) was gone for ever their sect was refounded! Some of their followers apparently decided to elect a new leader: a guy who calls himself Captain Pie Master, and now he's made a new blog for them. You can find at the site at this link here. It's the same sect, just different management. Plus I think this new leader will be even better than the old one, he's already put about the New Followers of the Sacred Text a la Mode on Wiki Scratch Pad and Uncyclopedia and he's e-mailed me claiming he wants to help me found a new organisation for unity in Pieism so you'll be hearing about that soon as well. Finally congrations to Stalm Pieism for their new leadership and may they suceed!

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