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Monday, 31 December 2007

Last Post of 2007

Last post of 2007, how much has happened this year! At the beginning we didn't even have a site, now we have expanded to become the greatest of all Pieism's. Plus we have lots of cool ideas lined up for 2008: in the form of "Ex-08", short for "Expansion 2008", but there will be more about that in the next post.

A short summary of the year's events

27th January: First Pieism Site, the "JoJo Pieism Blog", is made

15th March: "Pieism: The Official Site" is created as "JoJo Pieism.tk"

17th April: JoJo Pieism Blog converted into site for Pieist news

25th April: First ideas for a Pieist Union

26th May: Pieism wiki article under goes major update

4th June: New STALM, future church, is founded

8th June: Council of Pie founded between JoJo Pieism and New STALM

16th July: Cult of Pie, future church, is founded and joins Council of Pie

1st August: Alliance between JoJo Pieism, New STALM and Cult of Pie

10th September: Union between JoJo Pieism, New STALM and Cult of Pie as "Federation of Pie"

16th October: Union is reformed, name changed to "Great Religion of Pieism"

21st November: Holy Texts of Pieism reformed

19th December: Idea of "Ex-08" is created, path for 2008 is laid.

As you can see Pieism in 2007 has gone through three stages:

January to May: Development of JoJo Pieism

June to September: Union of active Pieism

October to December: Reformation of Union

Note about the Union: the Union was founded on the 10th September as the "Federation of Pie". However it was not very successful so it was replaced by the "Great Religion of Pieism", still the Union, just in a different form.

All well, 2007 has been a great year for Pieism, possibly the best. Ex-08, the new project for 2008, should ensure that 2008 is just as successful. We hope to expand on to new parts of the Internet, to put us beyond the ancient sects. If 2007 is known for one event in Pieism, I can safely say it was "The Rise of (JoJo) Pieism".

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